Environmental responsibility
Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Throughout its operations, Crescent  recognizes its environmental responsibilities to its staff, shareholders, customers and the general public. To this end we are committed to a continual improvement in the operating environment of our facilities. We maintain and document an Environmental Management System conforming to: ISO 14001: 1996, and take into account all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements, including those of customers and the local operating environment.

Our environmental policy includes the following core principles:

  1. communication of our policies both internally and externally
  2. commitment to continual improvement in environmental performance
  3. taking account of the input of staff, customers, shareholders, government, local authorities, interested third parties and the general public
  4. awareness and training on environmental issues so as to create a better environment for all through the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste, optimum usage of resources and elimination of polluting releases into the environment
  5. compliance with all applicable regulations and legislation
  6. prevention of pollution
  7. manufacture in a safe environment of products supplied to customer specifications and requirements

Our management is committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure that the company’s environmental objectives and targets are achieved.

Crescent has done substantial efforts to align customer requests for customization while lowering its ecological footprint. This resulted in our offering of environmentally friendly and highly customizable packaging.


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