OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Remoticom launches Sound Sense Pro
OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Remoticom launches Sound Sense Pro

OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Remoticom launches Sound Sense Pro


Remoticom launches Sound Sense Pro

Leuven, Belgium – 4 January 2022 – 18h – Crescent (EURONEXT: OPTI; OTC: OPNVY)

Crescent NV today announces that Remoticom BV, a daughter company of Crescent, successfully launched its newest Smart City sensor: Sound Sense Pro.
The Remoticom Sound Sense Pro uses a proprietary algorithm driven by machine learning to detect, classify and subsequently alert to unwanted and atypical acoustic events in cities, such as a gunshot, screaming, car accident, baby crying, explosion or glass breakage. The Sound Sense Pro reports directly to emergency control centres and reduces the average emergency response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds.

The municipality of Amsterdam, Netherlands, IoT solutions provider Improvement IT and Remoticom bring a first within the Netherlands with the deployment of wireless sound analysis to enhance safety in Amsterdam’s city centre.
In cooperation with the Amsterdam police force, ten of Remoticom’s Sound Sense Pro sensors were deployed in a pilot project with sound analysis being installed in the Netherlands as a first.

“Sound Sense Pro fits perfectly into Remoticom’s Smart City offering contributing to a sustainable and safe living environment,” said Joost van der Velden, CEO Crescent IoT Solutions and CEO Remoticom. “With the Municipality of Amsterdam as a front-runner, several municipalities are looking into the possibilities of applying sound analysis and enhancing safety within their own regions.”

The Sound Sense Pro sensor is part of Remoticom’s vast portfolio of Smart City solutions which include monitoring, controlling and detection sensors for smart street lighting and smart parking solutions. Remoticom’s Smart City sensor solutions have been successfully deployed across municipalities in the Netherlands with the municipality of Den Haag winning the World Smart City Award 2021 with the deployment of Remoticom’s smart lighting solutions.




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