OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Smartville simplifies the road to a smart city and municipality
OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Smartville simplifies the road to a smart city and municipality

OCCASIONAL PRESS RELEASE – Smartville simplifies the road to a smart city and municipality


Smartville simplifies the road to a smart city and municipality

Leuven, Belgium – January 14, 2021 – 6:30 p.m., Crescent NV, Gaston Geenslaan 14, 3001 Heverlee (Euronext Brussels: OPTI)

The partnership Smartville helps cities and towns in Flanders and Brussels with their development as a smart municipality, city or region.

Smartville is a partnership with amongst others Crescent NV as one of the partnership members and has won the competition for the framework contract of CIPAL DV ‘Smart City Cloud platform for positive incentive, disruption and enforcement’.

CIPAL DV wants to use this framework contract to form a procurement hub with a large catalog of Smart City components (both software and hardware) that all work together seamlessly.

The maximum total budget is 40M€ for a maximum of 5+1+1 years.

The buyers of this framework contract can purchase projects from this catalog without having to conduct their own procurement process.

Among others, all cities and municipalities in Flanders and Brussels can register as participants.


On the road to a smart city with data

The aim of Smartville is to help cities and towns to develop (further) as a smart municipality, city or region. In order to work on a smart society in a goal-oriented way, a city or municipality needs information from different sources that can easily be combined and analyzed. This creates new insights that help steer policy.

By combining information from public data sources, cameras and administrative systems, among others, cities and towns can reward desired behavior and curb undesired behavior. Smartville uses a number of subsystems that form the tools a smart city, focusing on sustainability, mobility and environment.


Examples of subsystems are:

Rewarding schoolchildren who bike to school
Parking guidance, zone control and avoidance of traffic congestion
Fight against fly-tipping and guidance for a low-tipping policy
Smart combination infrastructure of sensors, LED lighting and charging stations.
Dynamizing the local economy
Smart City dashboards



The service association Cipal (“Cipal dv”) is an inter-municipal partnership in accordance with the decree on local government. Today, the association has 262 members. These are towns and municipalities, OCMWs, inter-municipal collaborations, assistance zones and welfare associations spread all over Flanders.

Cipal provides process and policy support services, supports innovation projects, facilitates joint procurement and advises local authorities in Flanders on information security and strategic information management. These services are offered under the brand name “C-smart” and aim at the tangible support of the digital transformation of local governments and a meaningful contribution to the development of a smart data economy in Flanders.


Contact CIPAL DV


Purchasing service – Framework contracts


Cipalstraat 3, 2440 Geel


Crescent NV

Crescent is a publicly traded company (Euronext “OPTI”) formed in 2018 from the merger of Option nv and Crescent nv.

Crescent is a leading end-to-end Internet of Things (IOT) solutions integrator.

The Crescent group is organized into 3 business units:

Crescent Solutions, formed by Option, renowned developer and manufacturer of IoT components and solutions for global markets, SAIT and Maro.
Crescent Lighting, represented by Innolumis Public Lighting, leading developer and manufacturer of smart and energy efficient public lighting based on LED technology.
Crescent Services, home of 2InVision , trusted provider of managed, cloud and infrastructure services.

Crescent is ideally positioned to provide efficient, reliable and secure IoT solutions across multiple markets and applications, including Smart Cities.

The expertise of its group of companies makes Crescent a one-stop shop and the ideal partner for the development and implementation of innovative IoT integration projects.



Alain Van den Broeck

Gaston Geenslaan 14,  Leuven, België

T +32 (0)16 317 411

E-mail: a.vandenbroeck@option.com


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