Use Case – Crescent enters connected safety applications market
Use Case – Crescent enters connected safety applications market

Use Case – Crescent enters connected safety applications market

Leuven, Belgium November 10 2022 – 7h30, Crescent NV, Geldenaaksebaan 329, 3001 Leuven (Euronext Brussels: OPTI)

Crescent NV announces that Dunlop® Protective Footwear, the leading global manufacturer of professional and leisure waterproof boots, has selected Remoticom for the design, development and manufacturing of its next generation smart safety footwear.

Remoticom was commissioned to design and manufacture all components of the Dunlop’s Boots on Smart Services (BOSS) project which includes smart sensors, a booth charging station, the cloud application and dashboard API.

In support of its transformation to the world’s first Personal Protective Equipment Tech company, Dunlop sought a technology partner that was able to design and develop within its BOSS project requirements and constraints in collaboration with internal Dunlop BOSS project teams.

Remoticom – supported by the extensive engineering consultancy of its sister company Option – was selected based on proven expertise in building cost-effective tailormade turnkey sensing solutions and superior RF capabilities enabling design on the smallest possible footprint in combination with machine learning and AI as required for wearable tech devices.

Dunlop’s BOSS product is a data driven subscription service that tracks and monitors worker activity levels, posture and location using smart sensing IoT technology. The smart boot detects slip, trip and fall occurrence and sends safety incident data to the dashboard where safety incident data and booth data are combined to create analytics for worker safety.

The advanced real-time data and productivity tracking tools are leveraged not only to identify risks and hazards but in addition to prevent and predict injuries and manage worker boot usage, upkeep and lifecycle.

The value of investment for organizations in safety and injury prevention wearable tech provides worth across all areas of business; better employee well-being and engagement increases company performance. Data driven wearable tech is revolutionizing industrial Environmental Health and Safety, leading to improvements in worker safety, workflow, safety process automation and compliance. A 2021 Polaris research report predicts the market for connected safety will be some USD$24.3 billion by 2029.




Joost van der Velden & Edwin Bex
Geldenaaksebaan 329
B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
TEL: +32 (0) 16 31 74 11

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